About your nation

Electoral District Associations (EDA's) are the Conservative Party’s presence in every riding across Canada. We, the hard-working volunteers, are the reason our Party has been able to accomplish everything that we have. We help select and nominate our candidates. Our generous donations fuel everything our party does. Finally, when election time comes, it is our tireless volunteering that makes the difference between victory and defeat. As the party’s grassroots, we are on the front lines of ensuring another strong, stable, national, Conservative majority government. JOIN US TODAY!


Our Riding 

Consisting of that part of the City of Vancouver described as follows: commencing at the southwesterly corner of the City of North Vancouver; thence southerly along a straight line drawn to the intersection of Coal Harbour Seawalk with Waterfront Road West; thence southerly in a straight line to Cambie Street; thence southerly along said street to Dunsmuir Street; thence southeasterly and easterly along Dunsmuir Street to Main Street; thence southerly along said street to 2nd Avenue East; thence westerly along said avenue to 2nd Avenue West; thence westerly and southwesterly along said avenue to 6th Avenue West; thence westerly along said avenue to 4th Avenue West; thence northwesterly and westerly along said avenue to Arbutus Street; thence northerly and northeasterly along said street to McNicoll Avenue; thence easterly along said avenue to Maple Street; thence northerly along said street and its production to the southern shoreline of English Bay; thence N45°00’W in a straight line to the westerly limit of the City of Vancouver; thence northerly, easterly and southeasterly along the westerly and northerly limits of said city to the point of commencement.


Facts & Figures

§Canada’s National Centre of Excellence for Wireless Commercialization and Research, focused on nurturing startup companies, is headquartered in our riding.
§The Port of Vancouver is the largest in Canada and our cruise ship terminal is the 4th largest in the world.
§Stanley Park is more than 10% larger than New York City’s Central Park & was designated a National Historic Site during a Conservative government in 1988
§The California sushi roll was actually invented in Vancouver.