Our Candidate of Record

Meet David Cavey

David was born and raised in Vancouver. He is a life-long resident of Vancouver, a community advocate, volunteer and young business professional. With his experience, he understands the dynamics of work-life-family balance that the people of Vancouver Centre face every day. David currently works for a global financial services firm in the downtown core which gives him keen insight as to how the economy affects Canadians in everyday life.

Like many Canadians, David has had enough of Justin Trudeau and his out-of-touch Liberal government. Notwithstanding breaking countless ethics rules, 92% of middle-class families now pay more in taxes. Hard-earned tax payer dollars are being wasted by a government that does not know how to manage an economy. Young Canadians, like David, are picking up the tab due to the Liberal mismanagement. It’s time to demand better. This is why David is running for office.

David has been involved with the Conservative Party since he was 14, volunteering on campaigns, working with candidates, and offering support. He has attended Conservative conventions and worked with Members of Parliament across the country. He has also worked in a number of different industries and organizations including: Labatt, Aramark Sports & Entertainment, the Canadian Red Cross, the Vancouver Canadians, and Vancouver Coastal Health.

He graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce in International Management. At McGill, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of IRSAM Inc., a local, student-run, NGO with special consultative status to the United Nations. This took him to the Economic and Social Council of the UN in New York and the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. Concurrently, David held multiple part-time jobs, volunteered for various Members of Parliament, sat on 2 boards, and successfully managed full-time studies.

Bridging his experience with his drive to make Vancouver better, David is taking charge in Vancouver Centre, ready to take down the Liberals, and help win a stable Conservative majority government on October 21st.

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