Trudeau fails Canadians with broken health care system

February 07, 2023

Ottawa, ON – Dr. Stephen Ellis, Conservative Shadow Minister for Health, and Pierre Paul-Hus, Quebec Political Lieutenant, released the following statement: 

“After waiting eight years and doubling the national debt, the Prime Minister told Canadians who are desperate for more healthcare funding, ‘Sorry, we can’t do more on healthcare because we are broke.’ 

“He spent the cupboards bare, adding more debt than all previous Prime Ministers combined and now doesn’t have enough left to help the senior waiting for a hip replacement or the child suffering from cancer. Despite record breaking spending on everything but health, the situation at hospitals and clinics is worse than ever after eight years of this Prime Minister.

“After eight years, more than five million Canadians do not have access to primary care.

“After eight years, the wait times for specialist treatment are longer than they have been in three decades.

“After eight years, Canadians are spending more time in emergency waiting rooms than ever before.

“After eight years, thousands of Canadians are dying waiting on lists for medical care.

“After eight years, more than half of doctors and nurses are reporting being burnt out.

“This is a far cry from the Prime Minister’s broken promise to recruit 7500 more doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners to care for Canadians.

“Conservatives will closely examine the details of the proposal put forward by the Trudeau Liberals and will listen to the feedback of provinces, territories, and healthcare professionals.”