About Elaine Allan

Elected in a nomination race in June of 2015, Elaine Allan is our party’s Candidate of Record in Vancouver Centre.

As an entrepreneur and non-profit executive, Elaine has created training and development opportunities for thousands of workers in the non-profit sector.

Elaine’s love of technology led her to the Silicon Valley where she became specialized in developing online training. Elaine combined her knowledge of technology, business, and the non-profit sector to create one of the most successful non-profit training organizations in Canada – Shelter Net BC.

Prior to her senior leadership roles, Elaine served on the frontlines in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside providing respite to the neighbourhood’s survival sex trade workers. In 2007, Elaine was a key witness for the prosecution in the murder trial of serial murderer Robert William Pickton. In 2011, Elaine testified at the Oppal Commission on Murdered and Missing Women.

Elaine earned a degree in Communications from Carleton University and an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) degree from Kaplan University.

Elaine is an avid swimmer and cyclist and, in small trips, has been cycling her way across Europe.