David Cavey Calls Out Hedy Fry For Weaponizing Accusations Of Racism

October 11, 2019
In a new video posted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and emailed to supporters, Conservative candidate David Cavey is calling on Hedy Fry to answer a simple question.
In a pointed video, Cavey asks if Hedy Fry will demand that Justin Trudeau step down due to his exposed “shameful and hurtful “, Blackface habit.
Alternatively, if Hedy Fry will not demand Trudeau’s resignation, will she then retract her statement about Conservative candidate John Hirst, whom she recently called racist for simply posting a GIF from the blockbuster movie “Training Day”.
One or other is required and the good people of Vancouver Centre deserve an answer.
“This goes well beyond illusions of burning crosses in Prince George” said Cavey later. “This is about civility. Hedy Fry regularly weaponizes false accusations of hatred which damage the personal and professional reputations of individual candidates she disagrees with”
Calling these tactics the “stock and trade of Hedy Fry for a quarter century”, he stated that “This behaviour is deeply rooted in backward identity politics. By their very nature, such false accusations divide us as a people - and as a country” Cavey stated in his video.
Cavey also stated that these inaccurate accusations, by extension, smear every conservative candidate, campaign worker, supporter and every voter.
Hedy Fry must answer the question.
“I’m about unity and common-sense” said Cavey.
David Cavey called for a return to civility and respect in politics.
Cavey, born and raised in the city, has worked as a community advocate, volunteer and business professional.
He works in the financial services sector.
To learn more about David, visit: www.davidcavey.com.
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Media Contact:
Neil McIver